Herbal teas are great for helping fight infections and diseases. They can also combat stress and lower the risk of chronic disease by boosting the immune system. They also helps the lungs steer clear of mucus which is the cause of the disease. In my effort to assist with the healing process that most time comes with a long and challenging journey I have researched, blended and self-tested herbal remedies for the ultimate healing experience that is also pleasing to the palate. 

List of Teas

Happy Tea- rosemary, anise seed, spearmint, cloves, bay leaves, lavender and sage

(anxiety, blood pressure, respiratory health, mood stabilizer)

$5/bag  $20/box

Moringa Orange- moringa leaf, dried orange peel, chamomile and peppermint

(vitamin rich, fat loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol, constipation)

$5/bag  $20/box

Roots and Herbs- dandelion root, burdock root, sarsaparilla, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, guaco*, raspberry leaf and sea moss

(blood purifier, expel mucus, inflammation, hormone stabilizer, joint relief, digestive health, respiratory health, blood pressure, organ pain relief)

$10/half gallon  $20/gallon

The Green Thing- chlorella, spirulina, moringa, agave, sea moss and acv

(detox, digestive health, weight loss, workout recovery, energy booster)

$5/8oz   $30/half gallon

Green Thing Powder- chlorella, spirulina, moringa

$25/ 8oz

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