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Reverse Negative Emotions Brought on By Past Trauma

October 10, 2017

  If you're reading this because you're struggling with mental health issues of your, you're not are loved... I love you! You're not crazy... at least not as crazy as the vast majority of this insane world.


  Most of us who suffer from mental health issues gained most of the baggage in the precious years of youth. With that being said it was absolutely impossible that any of this was your fault. So, first stop blaming yourself for the hurt that others placed unto you. Your drug attic/ alcoholic parent didn't really want to abuse or abandon you, your pedophile uncle/cousin didn't really want to rape you, your older sibling didn't really want to humiliate you continuously because of your naturally introverted, sensitive personality. Your first love did't mean to torture you mentally, physically and emotionally They were only deeply hurting themselves. This behavior was forcefully passed down unto our ancestors which perpetually and  inevitably made it's little dark and slimy way unto us... me.... you...

    That only means that all of  the negativity that you've dealt with in your life did not even belong to the person bringing it forth to you but was only a forcefully learned behavior to keep you and your people in a constant state of misery. Next: " The Peaceful Confrontation". Confront everyone that left you with a lingering, negative thought... Ask them why... Tell them how they made you feel and how what they did created a lasting negative thought that could've some day if not already caused Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Depression or many other mental health issues.... Do it peacefully... They'll still sense your serious fierceness.  After the conversation tell them that you forgive them and that you know that the only way they could've hurt you is if they were greatly suffering themselves. Say to them "I LOVE YOU"...mean it from the depths of your soul... You'll immediately feel like a feather... your mind becomes clear


.... If you're not able to speak with them... Talk to yourself... forgive them in your heart... Reassure yourself that you are in the present time and the past does not define you. You are strong enough to forgive!

  After all of this you're going to feel you new self emerging. Now it's time to adjust. The symptoms of mental illnesses just don't fall off but they are more easy to cope with since you have gained a sense of self by taking control of thoughts and feelings due to past hurt. Now when these thoughts come across it's more likely to just pass by with out igniting a negative feeling since you're fully aware of your thoughts and why you have them. When the thought of your aggressively abusive teenage boyfriend arises you're strong enough to see it through because you already executed the problem.... You'll look back at the day you forgave him. Think of it as returning the hurtful heavy load back to sender... even if they don't show sympathy they truly feel really guilty and apologetic. If not, they're a lost cause or probably still suffering themselves... Let it go

  To keep it short and sweet I'll end by saying this is the beginning to the end of all emotions brought on by past trauma. So no more anxiety/panic attacks, no more nightmares/ night sweats, mood swings, no more being viciously mean to the kids. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply... Release it. The sun still shines, the world still spins, the wind still blows ever so gracefully and this none existing time heals all wounds... Deep, spiritual mediation comes next...stay tuned....


Peace and Love

Hope this helps promote lighter and brighter hearts along with calmer and clearer thoughts


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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