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My Journey to Healthy Living.

September 6, 2017

I'll start off from the top. Enjoy... 

I grew up in a family where sugar was plenty and pork eaters were many. It would have been totally abnormal and simply impossible for me not to indulge in the lifestyle in which the majority of my family was living. So I indulged in all of my environmentally shaped favorites like Hot Cheetos Puffs, Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Pig feet, Sweet Tea, Cheese, Fried chicken, T Bones, Steak and Gravy, Bologna sandwiches, any meal from MC Donald's including that disgustingly stomach upsetting MC Rib sandwich(gross).  If you don't know already that a constant diet of these kind of foods will either do one or all of these things: Make you gain weight rapidly and continuously, depletes your bodies natural fighting mechanism which causes all or one of the top fatal diseases that are claiming lives on American soil daily(Diabetes, Cancer, Heart failure), and cause mental fog(depression, anxiety, anger) which transmutes into stress which could cause tumors, brain anuerysms and strokes. These kinds of foods affected me by causing weight gain constantly and rapidly and cause me to have signs of an oncoming heart attack. Constantly in and out of the doctors office for minor infections that frequently affected my sinuses I realized that my body is losing a fight. I couldn't think through the constant headaches, Couldn't breathe after walking up a flight of stairs due to the extra load that my heart and body was carrying, couldn't sleep because of reasons still unknown to me but if I had to guess it would be because of the lack of oxygen reaching my lungs and brain causing neuro dis-ease. Even though by this time I realized that something really bad was happening I had no knowledge or will power to change my life. There was only a burning desire... which is all I ever needed. The universe heard my thoughts and started to reveal all the lessons that I needed. I was introduced to material that explained why we shouldn't eat pork, fast foods(processed foods), dairy and highly fat saturated, overly processed oils. I was also in a car accident that lead me to some awesome chiropractors that was 100% honest with me about my health. They let me know that I was over weight (*duh) and that my blood pressure was constantly  high and informed me that I would be placed on bp meds for life if habits don't change soon. I thanked them and went home and cried for days. At the end of my purging, there was light. I stopped eating fast foods, cheese, fried foods, candy, pork, beef and pastries...The weight dropped rapidly! I was lighter brighter and more willing to live life fully. Now 70 pounds lighter my life journey has brought me to become a vegan yoga instructor, a fully active mom, a business owner who's business is health and wellness and a light and free soul  feeling better than I've ever felt in my entire life... feeling more like a 10 year old than I did when I was actually 10 years old! Allow me to spark the light that shines upon you through the cracks of the door that remains unopened until you are ready to take on the challenges of mind change that will swiftly shift your reality into to total greatness! You can do it too!

All questions and comments are welcome.

Peace and blessings to all! 





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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